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Dining room

Breakfast and dinner is served here.

There is a big window which you could see beautiful landscape.

Enjoy breakfast with the beautiful view and dinner with light up landscape at night 

Smoking is prohibited at all areas inside.


Cafeteria lounge

Customers with small children have the priority to these booth type seats at meal time.

After meal, kids use this place for reading books and manga and family use it for gathering and playing games.


Bar Lounge

This place has erned the most satisfied space from customers.

Enjoy the different view outside at each season; snowfall and sometimes blizzard at winter, green sprouts at spring, and leaf fall at autumn with your favorite drink in your hand.


Bar counter

We offer Japanese whiskey and beer.
A snowy night would be wonderful and the sake would be delicious.



Water of Madarao is fresh and clean as it is suitable for drinking. 

At our bath, this fresh water is filtered through the nature rock called bakuhan and you could imagine how clean it is. Both men and women bath are available 24hrs. 


BBQ garden

During summer time, we offer a tasty and relaxing BBQ dinner at our garden.

Having dinner surrounded with trees will be an extraordinary experience for you.



Many customers use this place for reading, relaxing, and sometimes taking a nap.

Feel the breeze and the nature. Be careful for not catching a cold by staying here too long. 

Smoking is prohibited in this building but it is available at this terrace.


The view outside

The view you see out is a landscape 1000m above sea level.

You may see the sunrise when it is sunny and if you are lucky, you may come across the sea of clouds during the winter seasons.

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